Guild Rules:

1. Our raiding schedule for the foreseeable future is Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday, from 9:30pm until 1am server time. Raid invites will go out at 9:15. If you want a spot, be on by then.  



2. You are expected to be at all scheduled raids. We realize that people have lives, but if you cannot raid on a particular night, you need to make a post in the Attendance subforum of the Members forum on our site. Whispering an officer in game is acceptable in addition to this, but you still need to make a post.



3. Our rank system for people wishing to raid is as follows:



    Initiate - Just joined.  If all goes well, you’ll be promoted to member in about 2 weeks.

    Member - People with a max-level character who are ready for endgame content will hold this rank after the Initiate phase.

    Raider - Members who have demonstrated exceptional skill and reliability will be promoted to this rank.  Raiders will be given priority over other members for spots in raids.  This is a temporary rank for members upon whom the guild can depend to show up and perform at a high level for every scheduled raid.  If a Raider ceases to attend raids regularly or shows a considerable drop in effectiveness at their raid role, that person will be returned to the Member rank.



4. Be prepared.  All members wishing to raid should show up prepared with their gear properly gemmed and enchanted, have any consumables they need (feasts and flasks are provided by the guild), and have a working understanding of the mechanics of the encounters that guild will be working on that evening.  We can provide you with materials for enchants and potions from the guild bank, but this should be arranged long before raid time.



5. Do not ninja afk during raids.  We will take a break about halfway through our raid every night.  If you absolutely need to afk, you must say something in the raid channel and vent. Don't simply whisper someone.  If the reason for you going afk is very personal, you can whisper that to the raid leader or officer, but you should still state that you're going afk in the raid chat channel and in vent.



6. Until further notice, all loot decisions will be made by loot council made up of officers and possibly some senior members. The loot council will consider factors such as the size of upgrade, attendance, and other recently awarded loot when distributed loot. Players are expected to know what upgrades drop for their class/role from whatever instance we're raiding. Our raiding group is a team and if you know that a better piece for you drops for another boss, don't hesitate to pass on a drop so a guildie can get an upgrade.



7. Be respectful toward your fellow guild members. You’re not expected to be best friends with everyone else in the guild, but you do need to be able to treat everyone with some basic amount of respect.. Being a jerk to guildies is an excellent way to quickly get removed from the guild.  You will generally receive a warning if your conduct is unacceptable, but in extreme and obvious situations, Odobo or another officer may boot you immediately.  tl;dr: Don’t be a dick.



8. Represent the guild well. Your actions out in the world (of Warcraft) reflect upon Deadly Uprising as long as you wear our guild tag.  Please act like a mature adult when dealing with others in game. Incidents of unacceptable conduct toward other players (regardless of their guild affiliation) will not be tolerated. Such unacceptable conduct includes but is not limited to: Harassment of other players, ninja looting, racist or other bigoted language. Disciplinary actions for such conduct may range from a warning to removal from the guild for extreme circumstances.



9. No rape.



10. No math.