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Welcome to Deadly Uprising!  We are a guild focusing on progression through mostly PvE these days.  We seek mature, dedicated members to fill our ranks.  Our leadership has extensive raiding and PvP experience.  (We are located on the Horde side of Stormreaver-US.) (Armory)

The guild was formed toward the end of WotLK (on Mannoroth-US), and we have demonstrated a clear record of perfomance since the start of Cataclysm.  We are looking for quality people who know their classes well to bolster the solid core we already have. 

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Cutting Edge: Xavius

by Odobo, 444 days ago




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I killed a bear, and I liked it. Mythic Ursoc Down!

by Odobo, 475 days ago




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Mythic Nythendra - DOWN!

by Odobo, 486 days ago




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